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Muslim Charity: UK Charity focusing on Breast Cancer

Muslim Charity

Muslim Charities in the UK are expected to raise millions during the Month of Ramadan, Most Muslims donate to many different causes that affect people in poverty stricken countries. Muslim Charity 

Most Muslims tend donate their Ramadan charity (also known as zakat) to various different Muslim charities in the UK who aim to provide those in need with food supplies, shelter and medical relief. Muslim Charity

Breast Cancer Support is the first UK Muslim charity wanting to provide Muslim Aid and relief to thousands of women and men across South Asia who lack the support of international aid because it is a subject that is rarely spoken about and rarely makes it onto our screens throughout the year, let alone during the holy month of Ramadan. With your help we can make a huge difference in promoting and raising awareness of a killer disease that is curable if caught on time and treated properly by doctors and nurses who specialise in Breast Cancer support. Muslim Charity 

Muslim Charity

Our Islamic charity Breast Cancer support wants to provide relief so desperately needed by those suffering from breast cancer. We want to educate and raise awareness of breast cancer to those living in South Asia so that people no longer feel embarrassed about a subject that is still taboo in this day and age. Muslim Charity 

We are passionate that every human being suffering from Breast Cancer deserves the same chance of survival and we need your donations in order to make that happen. Muslim Charity 

Muslim Charities transforms the lives of the most vulnerable people across the world with a special focus on the plight of women. Muslim Charity is currently focusing on Breast Cancer Support helping and saving lives regardless of religion or race.

100% of your one off or monthly donation/gift made Via this landing page will go to Zakat Fund. The funds would then be used where most needed help.