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The world is in a state of emergency, Coronavirus Pandemic is hitting the poorest countries in the world. Three billion people do not have access to soap and water, Your kind donation helps us deliver soap, clean water and sanitation services such as handwashing facilities to keep more families safe. We are also distributing food packages and essential supplies in countries where millions of vulnerable families have no way of earning a living during lockdown.

Save a life

Please donate today to our Coronavirus Appeal.

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Help A Child Project is launching a Coronavirus Appeal to help those most affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak. Children suffering from infectious diseases, malnutrition, child mental health issues, hereditary diseases is a global issue which is on the rise.

Help A Child Project lead many campaigns to help children. We believe that good health is not only vital for survival but also for personal and economic development. Help A Child Project target children most in need of your support to help them improve their lives and ultimately turn their lives around.

Why Donate To Coronavirus Appeal?

The most vulnerable are falling ill. The economic impacts are pushing people who were already struggling further into poverty, without a way to feed their families.

16,000 children under five die each day, mostly from preventable or treatable causes.

50% of deaths in children aged under five are caused by infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and pneumonia

Depression is the top cause of illness and disability among adolescents and suicide is the third cause of death

Every 15 seconds a child dies of malnutrition

The poorest and most vulnerable people in our world need your help. It’s affecting families living in over-crowded refugee camps, people with underlying health conditions, and many who have no clean water to wash their hands. Three billion people do not have access to soap and water. This makes regular hand washing nearly impossible, and leaves people extremely vulnerable. Together we can protect the health of the poorest communities in the world and save lives before it’s too late.

How Your Money Can Help?

  • Food Packages
  • Clean Water
  • Emergency Health Kits
  • Distribute soap and other essential hygiene items
  • Education and training on good hygiene practices

We as individuals cannot  resolve all the problems in the world. But every little we do individually, united makes a big impact. Please support the wonderful work Help A Child Project do by donating today. Your one off or monthly donation/gift made to Help A Child Project will go to Children’s Emergency Fund. The funds would then be used where most needed help.

Every second matters, every penny counts.
Every child deserves a future.
Their future is in your hands.
Take action now.



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