Emergency Appeals

When an emergency hits, Charity Aid is there. We move fast to save lives, our staff provide immediate relief in a crisis, working around the clock to deliver essential supplies to the worst hit communities.

To be there every time, we need your help, make a donation so we can act fast in times of emergency. You can help to protect families in crisis and ensure that people who’ve lost everything have the basics like food and water. Charity Aid is there even after the crisis to make sure we save as many lives as possible.

Emergency : “a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.”

At Charity Aid we’re always prepared to help in times of desperate need and not only in disasters. Charity Aid teams and partners are on the ground in the UK and around the world, so we’re best-placed to respond to emergencies whenever and wherever they happen.

How can you support an emergency appeal?

Supporting an emergency appeal may be quite different to your existing charity work, so we’ve created quick and easy ways to support Charity Aid emergency appeals.. You now have the power to contribute directly not just help save lives but help save families.

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